Who am I?


Customer advocate, Pual J Roberts

My quest

I deeply believe that partnering with customers drives sustainable business success. I am a champion of providing customers with magnificent yet relevant products, services and experiences, whether they are participants, volunteers or fans. My aspirational goal is to help develop sporting organisations that every customer feels compelled to rave about to friends and strangers alike.

My experience

My expertise in customer-driven revenue growth has been developed in, and with, organisations ranging from billion dollar multi-nationals, through national challenger brands, to online start-ups. These businesses, many recognised for their market leadership, span the Telco, Banking, Energy and Sports industries of the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

My passions

Outside the office, I have a strong sporting pedigree. Following high-level competitive and coaching experience in athletics and football(soccer), I’m now recognised as a good sports photographer and slow triathlete. So while I didn’t fulfill my dreams of competing at the Olympic Games, I was there as a photographer to tell the story of the Modern Pentathlon competition. You can follow my photography by liking my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/robertssportsphoto


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